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healing therapy

Dr. Higgins has been a practicing therapist for over a decade. She believes that regardless of age, gender, culture, or socioeconomic status, all people have the right to live fulfilling, productive lives.

There is nothing more important to her than helping clients overcome fears, decrease depression, build self esteem, and find joy and success in their lives through a holistic approach.
She has provided group, individual, family, and couples therapy in multiple settings including:

College counseling centers

County mental health centers

Elementary, middle, and high schools


International counseling centers in South Africa and Uganda

Non-profit organizations

Outpatient clinics


She graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and received her Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver.


In addition to her professional clinical background and training, Dr. Higgins is also a certified yoga instructor. This blend of expertise gives her a unique understanding of the intimate connection between mind and body and helps her empower clients with tips and techniques for managing anxiety, mood disorders, and daily challenges that we all face.

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